Feeling stressed out and depressed? Don’t worry! You will not have to take any medicine to treat your depression. Whenever you feel worried or just plain miserable, there's an attractive way to boost your own mood and feel happier: Bring flowers into your life. Makes sense! Since ancient times, flowers have been used for their medicinal properties in making medicines, but by seeing a flower itself, one can lift his/her mood.

You might be thinking: How flowers can boost my mood? Who can't smile at a vase full of roses? Flowers evoke happy positive feelings in human beings. They have an immediate impact upon depressive states by bringing happiness in our lives. They provide a long term positive effect on our mood.

Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness
Do you remember the last time when you received flowers? Think about how you felt at that moment. You must have smiled! Correct! People tend to smile upon receiving flowers because they feel delighted. This reaction is universal and occurs in all age groups.

The positive effect of flowers
The positive effect that flowers have on us lasts for a long time. When people are surrounded by flowers, they feel less depressed and stressed out. A vase full of flowers gives them a better sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. Yellow flowers such as sunflowers boost energy and make one feel more hopeful and optimistic.

Happiness and Flower link
Happiness is a state of mind that depends on how we perceive the situations in our daily lives. Stress hormones are produced when we are worried or tensed. Certain flowers such as green zinnias slow down the production of stress hormones and make us feel relaxed. The more we will feel relaxed the better will be our mental health and ultimately we will be happier. Flowers also refresh our memory as we age.

Today, some therapists practice flower therapy because they believe that the mental state of a human being can be improved through the use of flowers. Flower therapy is related to the factors such as the form, smell and color of a flower. From soft yellows to warm pinks to greens, tender flower colors help in emanating cheerfulness all around you. If your friend is feeling a little low today just order a flower bouquet for him/her via an online worldwide flower delivery store. This will not only brighten up his/her room but will lift her/his mood as well.

This proves that, “A bouquet of flowers = Happiness.”

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